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Designing breathtaking gowns that sparkle with effortless elegance and classic sophistication is Shanna Melville’s true love in life. Born and educated in Australia, Shanna relocated to the busy streets of London in 2004, where she worked with two of the country’s most-established couture designers. It was here her passion for creating bespoke, high-end dresses flourished into a realm of its own.


In 2007, Shanna took her ambitions one step further by launching her very own brand from a boutique studio in Wimbledon Village. Word quickly spread, and not before too long Shanna was renowned throughout the region as one of the industry’s leading names. Her clients visited her studio from all corners of the country, as well overseas from France, Spain and the USA. With demand for her bridal gowns at an all-time high, Shanna went on to open her first flagship store, where soon-to-be brides could relax in luxury while designing the perfect, made-to-measure dress.


Now living back in Australia with her husband and young family, Shanna has once again expanded her business to cater for every bride. Her latest venture as a global wholesale designer means she can provide you with the gift of feeling utterly fabulous on your big day, no matter where you live in the world.


The Dresses All of Shanna Melville’s dresses tell a unique story, perfectly merging the lines between romance, sophistication, luxury and style. From light, silky gowns that mirror the free-spirited bride, to intricately embellished dresses that encompass raw, understated beauty, Shanna has a design to suit every bride.

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